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We are a contemporary company formed by a team of competent and experienced professionals. Integrity, reliability, attention, dedication, dynamism and efficiency are our core values.

Our team consists of brokers that have means of transport to conduct its own business, economist with real estate expertise, including analysis and feasibility study of projects and a very dedicated staff.

Our conduct towards our business partners, staff and clients is guided by integrity.

Variations on the market lead to changes in our region. We are attentive to any useful information necessary for the decision-making process of our customers.

International Visitors - Porto Bracuhy Imóveis
International Visitors - Porto Bracuhy Imóveis

Running real estate companies, especially PORTO BRACUHY IMÓVEIS, successor brand of ANGRA NÁUTICA IMOBILIÁRIA, and ahead of COVAL CONSTRUTORA, MAURO ALMEIDA, the managing partner, has over 25 years of experience in people management in real estate.

In CONDOMÍNIO PORTO FRADE, MAURO ALMEIDA, since 1989, planned, built and was responsible for launching several property developments.

Together with RAIZ INCORPORADORA, he was responsible for the sale and incorporation of the residential GERMANA GUINLE OCEAN RESORT. It was an innovative development, built on the beach of CONDOMÍNIO PORTO FRADE with 450mts of running canal with 4m of depth, moringa trees and underground car parking. The underground garage left the beach level occupied by high standard houses, beautiful gardens, swimming pool, restaurant, sauna and fitness room. Architectural project provided by OCTÁVIO RAJA GABAGLIA and decoration by SOLANGE NOVELLI MEDINA.

Within the PORTO FRADE Condomium, MAURO ALMEIDA also took part in projects such as:
VILLA CAPRI (Flat with 17 units)
VILLA VERDE (Flat with 12 units)
VILLA CRISTINA (09 gated houses development)
CONDOMÍNIO PRAIA DA PIRAQUARA (09 Lots of very high standard, where were built the most beautiful and valued houses of Porto Frade - a success that remains the reference of the region)

Also in PORTO FRADE, he built high standard canal side houses. On the beach of Mombaça, in Angra dos Reis, he built PONTA DA MOMBAÇA, a project of BERNARDES & JACOBSEN ARCHITECTURE, where beautiful homes are spread along 100m of beach. One of the most desired areas of Angra dos Reis.

MAURO ALMEIDA also managed the design and construction, and sold the ANTARES development in its entirety, a building of high luxury (one per floor) by ANTARES REAL ESTATE, on avenue Vieira Souto, 158 - designed by SERGIO JÚDICE, construction of PAULO JÚDICE - work that still represents elegance on Ipanema beach.

Built and sold a building with 164 units in two blocks of 15 floors each, in the neighborhood Freguesia - by ANTARES REAL ESTATE.

Participated and co-managed the Apart Hotel OCEAN FLAT, built on Rua Prudente de Moraes, 1033 - Ipanema - Construction by SIG.

Built high standard homes in Rio de Janeiro, such as:
• Residences for the presidency of ANDRADE GUTIERREZ – by BERNARDES & JACOBSEN 
Architecture • Residence of the Chief Executive Officer of the Medical Group - Center for Advanced Diagnostics - 
CDA – Architectural project by OCTÁVIO RAJA GABAGLIA.
• Residence of the Director of the Proctology Center of Barra da Tijuca - Dr. João Pupo Neto – 
Architectural project by OCTÁVIO RAJA GABAGLIA.
• Residência para a presidência da ANDRADE GUTIERREZ — Arquitetura BERNARDES & 
• Residência do Diretor-Presidente do Grupo Médico — Centro de Diagnósticos Avançados — CDA —
• Residência do Diretor Médico do Centro de Proctologia da Barra da Tijuca — Dr. João Pupo Neto — 
Completed several renovation work, including some distinguished ones. One of them being the refurbishment of an apartment with high standards requirements of noise reduction and specific customized architecture solutions, created by the architecture firm BERNARDES, JACOBSEN & GUIMARÃES.

Built the restaurant DELIGHT on the street Quitanda, in a building of historical value and protected under the heritage conservation law.– Architectural Project by BERNARDES & JACOBSEN.

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